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For some this feels like a tedious task that is yet another bureaucratic requirement in a system that seems to thrive on endless electronic forms and paperwork.

For some this feels like a tedious task that is yet another bureaucratic requirement in a system that seems to thrive on endless electronic forms and paperwork.However, I truly believe that ethic applications are a valuable tool for thinking through the details of a research project in the design stage.

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Frequently positioned as a site of “risk” and “trouble”, doctoral writing is commonly seen as a key location for institutional regulation and surveillance, supervisory anxiety, and student concern.

It is now clear that to describe doctoral writing as a domain that is “under-considered” or “under-discussed” would be to miss the shelves of books in most university libraries about how doctoral students might write, and how supervisors (and others involved in doctoral teaching) might teach writing.

Doing the hard work at the beginning will head off many of the problems of poorly thought through research – and, of course, ensure that the research itself is thoroughly ethical.

An added benefit is the skill development of learning to write for a range of different audiences.

In fact, Ph D programs in other disciplines follow basically the same format.

The tradition of combining coursework, examinations, and original research is viewed as accepted practice for preparing scientists and scholars.

Continue reading By Cally Guerin Researcher development workshops are increasingly focused on what is learnt during the doctorate that graduates take into their non-academic jobs on graduation.

Here at Doctoral Writing we usually concentrate on the kind of writing that is undertaken during the doctorate, but much of that is building a skillset that is invaluable outside the academy too.

Doctoral study is viewed as a time to learn scientific principles and methods for conducting research.

Such preparation puts you, the graduate, in a unique position to advance the knowledge of the discipline through basic and/or clinical research and to prepare the next generation of professionals. When you first enter your doctoral program, you will be asked to develop a plan of study while beginning coursework during the first year. On completion of your coursework, an evaluation takes place in the form of a comprehensive examination that determines the extent of your current knowledge and/or readiness for conducting a dissertation research project. The dissertation project is a research study that is designed, conducted, and written by you, the Ph D student.


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