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Gendrich (2003) Reflection on practice : a study of five choral educators' reflective journeys / by Marla A.Butke (2003) Beyond content integration : multicultural dimensions in the application of music teaching and learning / by Carlos R.Collins (2007) ​The effects of specific transfer activities on fifth grade orchestra and band students' rhythmic performance / by Andrea Olijnek Scheuzger (2006) ​Relationships among folk song preferences of grade five students / by Ibrahim H. For the audio files associated with this dissertation, click here.

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1 / by Joan Marie Titus (2002) Defining African American gospel music by tracing its historical and musical development from 1900 to 2000 / by Raymond Wise (2002) The late twentieth-century American Organ Chorale : a study of six composers / by Lisa Ann Browne (2001). Operatic reform in Turin : aspects of production and stylistic change in the 1760s / by Margaret Ruth Butler (2000). Playing panpipes in Southern Russia : history, ethnography, and performance practices / by Olga V. Ripley (2015) Illuminated scores and the architectural design of musical form / by Orlay Alonso (2015) Determining criteria for the evaluation of high school band directors : a survey of high school principals and band directors in the State of Ohio / by Marc Samir Parulekar (2014) Career intentions and experiences of pre- and in-service female band teachers / by Sarah Hope Fischer (2013) The learning communities of exemplary mid-career elementary general music teachers / by Christina Louise Pelletier (2013) Does enrollment in Ohio's Urban Arts Magnet High Schools make a difference on OGT scores and the on-time graduation rate?

Major (2010) The dialectic of modernization [electronic resource] : implications for music teacher education / by Malinda Wiard Essex (2010) Dale Clevenger : performer and teacher / by Margaret Tung (2009) ​A music industry program for today's colleges and universities / by David Lancaster Tolley (2008) ​Process and product : the sight-singing backgrounds and behaviors of first-year undergraduate students / by Victoria J.

Molumby (2004) The professional life and pedagogy of Clement Barone / by Emily J.

Butterfield (2003) Teaching and learning jazz trombone / by Julia M.Van Aernum Barnes (1998) The quality of repertoire chosen by high school wind band conductors and the resources and criteria used to choose this literature / by Craig S. The effect of movement instruction on sixth-grade beginning instrumental music students' perception, synchronization, and performance with a steady beat / by Debbie Ann Rohwer (1997). Music teachers' attitudes, classroom environments, and music activities in multicultural music education / by Sharon M. Beery (1994) ​Preferred general music classroom activities among low-income, urban-minority middle school students / by Yvonne P.Young (1998) Music education as intervention for at-risk urban adolescents : self-perceptions, opinions, and attitudes about inclusion in selected music settings / by Christina Goss-Shields (1997) A teaching technique to aid the development of vocal accuracy in elementary school students / by Sandra L. Johnson (1994) ​Audition procedures and advice from concertmasters of American orchestras / by Joan Griffing (1994) ​Teaching young children compositional concepts to enhance music learning in a computer learning environment / by Derjen Jeney Sun (1993) ​An investigation of the relationship between selected personality variables and retention of students in the string orchestra program / by Ward Franklin Mowery (1993). ​A descriptive study of the post-secondary musical/cultural behaviors and attitudes of participants and non-participants of instrumental music ensembles from two secondary schools in eastern Massachusetts / by Donald Martin Dregalla (1993) ​The status of snare drum instruction in percussion methods programs of selected universities and colleges in Ohio and contiguous states / by Cary Dachtyl (1992) ​An investigation of the effects of visual diagnostic skills development on the instruction and acquisition of basic conducting skills for beginning conductors / by David Edmund Scott (1992) ​The development of pedagogical-content knowledge : two case studies of exemplary general music teachers / by Edward Burger Duling (1992) ​The effectiveness of mnemonics to assist middle school general music students' recognition and retention of musical themes / by Lynda Marie Dunn (1992). ​An overview of issues in music student teaching, related research, and a sample study of the effects of classroom characteristics on evaluation of student teaching / by Mark W.Councill (2004) ​An investigation of the foundational components and skills necessary for a successful first-year string class: a modified delphi technique study / by Erika A.Schulte (2004) ​The application of different teaching strategies reflective of individual students' learning modalities in the university flute studio class / by Nicole L.New dissertations and theses are regularly added to the OSU Library Catalog which the select lists, updated less frequently, may not include. Blurred Lines: Musical Expertise in the History of American Copyright Litigation / by Katherine M. Full text release has been delayed at the author's request until August 07, 2018.Wikle (2016) '' Acting In'': A Tactical Performance Enables Survival and Religious Piety for Marginalized Christians in Odisha, India / by Douglas Richard Anthony (2015) Resistance rooms sound and sociability in the East German church / by Alison M.Furlong (2015) Constructing the Russian moral project through the classics : reflections of Pushkin's Eugene Onegin, 1833-2014 / by Emily Alane Erken (2015) Questioning safeguarding : heritage and capabilities at the Jemaa el Fnaa / by Thomas Barone Beardslee (2014). Full-text release has been delayed at the author's request until September 17, 2019.Temporal organization in the masses of Johannes Ockeghem / by Andrew J.Farina (2014) Pietro Aaron on musica plana : a translation and commentary on Book I of the Libri tres de institutione harmonica (1516) / by Matthew Joseph Bester (2013) Hearing their stories through polyphonic soundtracks : women and music in contemporary Chinese film / by Zhichun Lin (2013). Full-text release has been delayed at the author's request until October 17, 2018.


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