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Gripped with the urge to flee, I grab what's nearest my hand,& when the zombie reaches towards me, I stab it with a replica DNA strand. did they hear me, please please tell me they didn’t hear me. The run to the gym for a mat to sleep on and towels to use as blankets and pillows was a close call, I barely avoided Mr. Been here ever since, trying to make an excursion out for canned food. Who would’ve thought there was a crawl space behind the school freezer. We jump out of our desks and rush to our feet, Coming towards us, they were ready to eat! Not a moment did I waste, Not wanting to be a snack,out of the school I raced,not once looking back. But the dust and the rat pellets, and oh my god that spider is the size of a baby’s arm. Mancini, thank heavens Joel got to him and was able to tear a leg off this morning before Mancini bit his face. Hard to do with your nose chewed off and being zombified and all. Glad I thought to grab that can opener on the last trip. As long as the water in the well holds out, I have enough canned food to last for a long time. I threw my textbook at his brainless head, Then grabbed my friend to escape the walking dead. Within minutes, her skin started to rot; She turned against me and I felt guilty in thought. I ran into the locker room for a better place to hide.

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In 1953, he co-authored with Francis Crick the academic paper proposing the double helix structure of the DNA molecule.

Watson, Crick, and Maurice Wilkins were awarded the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine "for their discoveries concerning the molecular structure of nucleic acids and its significance for information transfer in living material".

I’ll be running 'cross these infested halls I can’t stop to think or blink, can’t drop the ball Walkers coming at me as I push past a broken wall I gotta squeeze through so I don’t die With no time to cry, give it your all! Only nineteen, but I have to act older These school halls act as a holder, a bolderway of livin’, supplies needing salvage Roofs with better vantage, running low on bandage I need this plan managed The plan is mismanaged. I am not throwing away this shot I am not gonna get myself caught Hey yo, I have my pistol ready I’m here to shoot some zombies And I’m not throwing away my Not throwing away my shot Slowly I crouch,& carefully take aim. I inch towards the chemistry lab,& as I'm rounding the corner,suddenly I'm grabbed,then WHAM! Evans with a broom,his zombie game really needs improvement. I grab the two nearest jars,& pour them in a beaker. We’re stronger than them, And slowly end this craze!

Water running half empty, or maybe half full Tryin’ to get back home. I run to the supply closet, Trying to read the labels,something reeks of vomit,then behind me I hear flipping tables. I throw it towards the stars, And crouch down near my sneakers.

I scramble down the hall and make it outside, with seconds to spare. Glad I’m alive and armed with supplies, I sprint towards the Med Tent. The CDC announced that the person that they were holding with the virus had escaped and everyone should keep watch. All I have with me are: a sword, a blanket, a family photo, a bottle, and a journal to keep all of my thoughts and experiences.

Writing is the only thing that I can do in order to keep me from losing my mind and giving up.If you are reading this, that means that I’m gone and zombies have learned to read. My fever is increasing, And my world begins to darken. To be sung to "Hamilton - My Shot" instrumental I am not throwing away this shot I am not gonna get myself caught Hey yo, I have my pistol ready I’m here to shoot some zombies And I’m not throwing away this shot! Fran with zombies around her, she exclaims Please don’t Try to Rescue me Please just Run, go Without me I fearlessly shoot like a hero wannabe The walkers fall, but I can still hear her screams Eventually, they’ll fall with my weaponry And it'll end victoriously, socan we just get to the chorus, please? I reload my bow,& crawl across the floor,behind me a grenade blows,as I make my way to the door. I slip into the room,& stop when I sense movement, I off Mr. The smell of rotten flesh, And flame throwers ablaze. Brains, flesh, and heart beats, Take over all my senses. He was then appointed chancellor, serving until he resigned in 2007 after making comments claiming a genetic link between intelligence and race.Between 19, Watson was associated with the National Institutes of Health, helping to establish the Human Genome Project.I’m hiding in the school, but I know that I can’t hide here forever. It haunts me every night as I hear them, scratching and growling trying to get in, trying to kill me. I don’t get much sleep because it only takes a second for them to get me and humanity is lost forever. I often catch myself smiling when reliving memories with family and friends, then sobbing when I remember that I will never see them again. A moment me and then a monster,ready to turn on a friend. Wait, I’m back to a clear mind, And the cannibal urges dissipate! From 1956 to 1976, Watson was on the faculty of the Harvard University Biology Department, promoting research in molecular biology.From 1968 he served as director of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), greatly expanding its level of funding and research.


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