Distributed Database Design Case Study

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“ Eeva” software is designed on the basis of a DBMS relational database, described more closely in the following sections.

A relational database is most frequently used for the development of accounting software as, compared to other DBMS databases, it is easier to insert and view information in a relational database.

“ Eeva” software stores exact information about inventory, production, sales, payroll, assets on daily basis and enables to summarize data at the end of each month or year to make decisions about bonuses paid to employees and providing discounts to favorite customers.

As figure 1 shows that an accounting area is one of the most important transaction processing systems for any company, which covers six activities: Eetasoft produces the production, sales and accounting software package “ Eeva”, which meets the requirements of most small and middle-sized businesses.

The table of “ Office” (ONO) is connected with the table of “ Salesman” and with the table of ” Customer” because salesmen and customers may belong to certain sales offices.

The table of “ Parts” gives detailed information on an item, it has a connection with the table of “ Detail” to fill in the rows of the item’s name.These connections between tables increase the amount of hard disk space required for data maintenance and changes made in one table affect other tables automatically.Table 1 The Structure of Classical Relational Database “ Eeva” software is constructed to work in the individual, company, and distributed databases.Entrepreneurs value their employees’ time and accuracy of data more and more and this has created an increasing demand for software that would meet their particular needs and consequently make their work more cost-effective.Special attention is paid to accounting software: every undertaking has particular needs namely in this area.To find specific data one has to start from the stem and select the parent nodes and child nodes until the desired information is reached.The network database is quite similar to the hierarchical database – one has to start the search for data again from the stem.The process is structured as follows: Before going deeper to face with problems company has and how “ Eeva” software can solve them the following chapters describe the procedures in the field of software development and define some accounting terms to understand better the operations of accounting programs.Every software company chooses the way of composing programs in particular type of Database Management Systems (DBMS).We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .


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