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"I love reading them, but I think people still don't take them seriously as an art form, which is a shame," she says.

For her dissertation, she conducted qualitative interviews using modified pages with and without imagery (shown above).

"How can you expect the reader to care about it if you don't?

Write about something that reflects your interests, focus and direction.

It is impossible to do original research in any field without reading the work that has come before.

There are dozens of online databases and scholarly search services that make it easier to track down previously published academic work in any discipline.

A relação entre a habilidade viso-pictórica e o domínio de conceitos estatísticos na leitura de gráficos (The relationships between visual-pictoric ability and understanding of statistical concepts in graph reading)..

A Master’s Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation is the capstone of many graduate programs.

Koobas conducted a huge amount of initial research into both the contexts in which responsive type can be seen – such as advertising, product design, science and material cultures – and the theories behind its analysis, including semiotics, philosophy and politics.

"Creating and analysing ideas, before they end up in your portfolio, is what design is all about," argues Koobas."To develop essay questions, AUB students are asked to consider what they love, hate or are puzzled by in their practice – essentially, what moves them," says James.


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