Dissertation Topics In Leadership

The following management dissertation topics are carefully short listed while considering all these parameters.

Please review these topics and let us know if you have any queries.

The current study will use systematic literature review and meta-analysis to indicate principles of strategic human capital (SHC) and strategic human resource management (SHRM) that can be integrated in order to improve organizational performance.

The research will also propose areas of integration between the two fields in order to improve organizational performance.

The research will use quantitative research techniques.

The proposed research will examine white male managers’ behavioral responses to the appointment of a female racial minority CEO at their firm.The purpose of the research is to explore how local organizational agents and contexts are able to help women leaders overcome barriers and achieve success at higher levels in corporate firms.The study will focus on CEO succession events and factors of predecessor CEOS and their influence on women post-succession.The research will analyze the differences between family and non-family businesses goals and its impact on how the firm develops a strategy.In addition, the research will also analyze how these developed strategies would affect the family and organizational behavior.Using quantitative techniques, the research will analyze the factors of interaction process and performance in two groups of employees in the services industry – homogenous and culturally diverse.The effectiveness in process and performances will be examined.In order to prepare a quality dissertation in a timely manner, it is crucial to select a good dissertation topic which is relevant and focuses on current management issues.Selection of the right topic helps to effectively draft research questions and define research aims and objectives ( A dissertation topic must be selected on the bases of research interest/popularity in its field of study, availability of data, time limitations, scope and significance of research.Using quantitative techniques, the study will analyze if a relationship exists between productivity, management practices, and employee ability using data from management practices surveys and employees’ longitudinal earnings records.The research will use quantitative techniques to analyze microdata from various countries between the years 1980 to 2010.


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