Dissertation Supervision

Dissertation Supervision-41
The doctoral dissertation describes the research problem, the research goals, the used methods and results, and presents a summary of the key findings.The summary shall assess the significance of the study for the discipline.A monographis a coherent writing based on the work of the doctoral candidate and written by the candidate.

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The summary must contain an account of the subject studied, the most important research results obtained by the author, discussion of results, and a list of the aforementioned separate publications, and it must supplement these publications to fulfil the requirements above.

The separate publications are generally so-called co-authored publications, from which it is not necessarily clear, which is each author's contribution to the publication.

The articles included in the doctoral dissertation are published or submitted for publication in an acknowledged peer-reviewed forum in the discipline (for example a scientific publication series, conference proceedings or other work).

Articles not yet accepted for publication can also be included in the doctoral dissertation.

Each of the essays shall contain new results and viewpoints, and shall primarily be based on independent research by the author, but also collaboratively written essays may be accepted as part of the doctoral dissertation if the independent contribution of the author may be clearly demonstrated.

The number of essays required depends on their extent, scientific significance and quality as well as on the weight of the independent contribution of the author to the essays.

The summary of the article-based doctoral dissertation is an independent entity, which provides an overview of the dissertation contents.

The summary shall describe the research problem, research goals and methods, and presents a summary of the key findings.

In such a case, a sufficiently detailed report of the contributions of all authors in the separate publications must be included in the summary.

A doctoral dissertation is a public document and shall be available 10 days before the defence at the School of Engineering's office noticeboard in Otakaari 4.


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