Dissertation Stress

A simple conversation asking for what you want is all that is necessary sometimes.Furthermore, meditation is an excellent way of relieving stress.There are two types of signs for acute (serious) stress: emotional and behavioral.

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This includes stressors related to financial issues, employment, taking care of family, and daily hassles.

Therefore, the easy way out for many doctoral students is simply to postpone writing their next dissertation chapter or avoid conducting their research.

Then, based on this, you can develop a time-based schedule according to your priorities.

It first must be mentioned that prayer and meditation work, and are proven to work in minimizing stress (Horowitz, 2010; Hussain, 2010; Ren, Huang, & Zhang, 2013; Seaward, 2009).

Is your Ph D degree more important to you than a recent relationship for example?

Once you work through your priorities, you can decide what is worth your time and what’s not.

This is fine when it’s done in moderation, as everyone needs a little down time to maintain their stamina. To use a common definition, stressors are those people, places, events, or things that put pressure on you (Lazarus & Folkman, 1984).

If you’re not careful, avoidance can become a primary coping mechanism for your stress and you don’t want that to happen. These can range from dissertation tasks and financial distress to family and other relationship pressures.

Regarding prayer, prayer does not need to be religion-affiliated.

You don’t need to believe in a religion in order to believe that a power greater than yourself could help with solving your problems.


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