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Moreover, the results from this study will build on existing scholarship that seeks to shift our understanding of who is Black in United States as well as complicate our notions of how race, ethnicity, and immigration influence the educational trajectories of Black youth.This dissertation seeks to understand how two out-of-school spaces – a heritage language school and a hagwon (private test-prep academy) – in the Midwestern suburbs resist and/or reproduce racialized neoliberal ideologies (e.g.Results collected from 390 respondents reveal a significant relationship between the level of training received and SLP’s opinions/attitudes of AAE.

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The youth in this study cross and navigate borders, their families have been displaced by colonial projects, many of their lives have been criminalized, and their humanity called into question.

Yet, this study responds to the urgent call within educational research to highlight the ways in which im(migrant) young people are producers and holders of knowledge, have agency, and above all, are human.

Adept with digital tools to write, construct, and present themselves through photographs, the 2- to 4-year-olds in this image-based qualitative study use cameras to take pictures in school and in their homes.

Using ethnographic methods, including participant observations and child-directed interviews, I uncover young children’s identity work as we collaborate to interpret the multiple meanings of their images across time and context.

The era of universal pre-kindergarten (UPK) has ushered in a new set of learning standards for early childhood classrooms.

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As part of this, teachers are increasingly asked to use cameras to document children’s experiences.Simultaneously, community educational spaces are shaped by the broader sociopolitical context, dominant racial assumptions, and current educational reforms.Thus, the project asks: (1) What role(s) do two community-based institutions, a Korean language school and a hagwon, have in the educational experiences and opportunities of Korean American youth in a Midwestern suburb?In an effort to “make learning visible” (Giudici, Rinaldi, & Krechevsky, 2001), these photographs of young children act as evidence for accountability measures while also giving rise to the image of the neoliberal child, the individual in the first stage of becoming part of a ‘stable, well-prepared’ workforce (Dahlberg, Moss, & Pence, 1999).Simultaneously the children in images remain subject to prevailing notions of innocence and naïveté (Holland, 2004), as adults caption and tell their stories for them.Research and reports on community college students often focus on their deficits and failure rather than their achievement and the factors that contribute to their success.This study explores the success, mathematics identity, and sense of belonging in mathematics among Black students who are successful in community college developmental mathematics.2008’s MIBI-t) is applicable to 1.5 and 2nd generation Nigerian youth.Study 2 examines how the racial and ethnic identities of each group affects their perception of teacher discrimination, and assesses whether an “immigrant advantage” in academic performance exists for 1.5 and 2nd generation Nigerian youth relative to Black American youth.And (2) How do the processes and experiences that occur in these spaces reflect, perpetuate, and challenge dominant racializing discourses?The findings suggest that multiple social structures intersected to shape my participants’ educational experiences; their understandings of race, identity, and education; and the work done by the two institutions.


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