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When a programme committee review a conference paper, they look for results (or whatever criteria they have specified).When a thesis group looks at a report, they are looking for the kind of progress typical of a student working in that kind of area at that stage in their research.Working from your analysis of previous work, you should be able to identify a problem area that you want to work on, why it is interesting and which of the known unsolved problems you are most likely to investigate. It is generally easier for students working on a topic with a strong software engineering component to specify their objectives and shorter-term goals to be achieved than for students working in a theoretical domain, since often the latter spend a lot of time exploring the domain before finding the particular unsolved problem they want to work on.

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Another mistake is to believe that every piece of previous work has to be mentioned. It presents the author's interpretation of the previous work as it affects the proposed topic. Your supervisor should discuss the writing of the survey with you and you should look for good examples when you are reading.

One brief example might illustrate the analytical approach.

This survey should always be written with your work in mind: so if you are interested in theme A, then it is pointless to spend a lot of time describing how previous work deals with theme Z.

In other words, your analytical survey must be focused.

If you work in an AI domain, then you would expect the group to understand what is expected of that domain; if you are a theoretical computer scientist, you should expect your thesis group to evaluate your work against what is to be expected of comparable students working in theoretical computer science.

If you are unsure of what is expected of you, you should seek advice.This will become clearer if we compare a thesis group report with a conference paper.A conference paper usually requires the author to have achieved something worth reporting: in the more practical parts of computing, this means reporting on the results achieved from building and analysing the performance of some software; on the theory side of computing, it means being able to prove something or to report well-crafted results.Induction School Resources Getting Involved Attendance & Absences Monitoring & RSMG Skills Development Teaching & Demonstrating Conferences Writing Up Submitting your Thesis Research Conduct Problems Useful Links Progress reports should report progress.Some research students feel that they should report results, which is usually very different from progress.If in doubt about how best to describe your objectives talk to your supervisor.You should also remember that your thesis proposal will be discussed and evaluated by your thesis group in the first and main instance.It follows that you should report on your progress and not worry excessively about whether you have results to present.It is clear that the contents of reports will change as the student progresses through their study.The typical TP includes several parts: The introduction should start by stating what it is that you hope to achieve in your work for the thesis: "The work by X, Y and Z on the topic of ABC has left unsolved the problem of how to PQR.This thesis will attempt to solve the problem by ..." A TP is not a detective novel.


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