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In this study, business restoration was defined by the amount of sales of a product after the tsunami compared to the amount of sales of the same product before the tsunami.

In this study, business restoration was defined by the amount of sales of a product after the tsunami compared to the amount of sales of the same product before the tsunami.The data were obtained through interviews with shop owners.

Finally, to address the third objective, we assess the progress made with regard to disaster preparedness and the future challenges faced in these areas.

This section describes several examples of the early-stage reconstruction conducted during the first few years after the 2004 tsunami, including housing, lifeline and business restoration, land use management, disaster reduction education and the internal conflicts. The tsunami hit the Eastern, Southern and Western coasts of Sri Lanka 2–3 h after the earthquake, with maximum measured run-up heights from several meters to 10 m or more (), who used data on more than 56,000 transitional houses and 28,000 permanent houses in the tsunami-damaged areas of Sri Lanka.

This difference was due to the preference of the local residents of Nam Khem village to rebuild in the same place where they had lived before the tsunami.

Therefore, the local residents were able to move into their new permanent houses directly from the evacuation shelter.

Our primary objective is to report on and discuss the vulnerabilities found during our field visits to the tsunami-affected countries—namely, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Maldives.

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For each country, future challenges based on current tsunami countermeasures, such as land use planning, warning systems, evacuation facilities, disaster education and disaster monuments are explained.Financial services and lifelines were the two types of businesses that were restored most quickly.These businesses were fully restored after 2 months because both were considered important for the overall reconstruction.Finally, the reconstruction progress was evaluated based on the experiences of disaster reconstruction in Japan.All vulnerabilities discussed here should be addressed to create long-term, disaster-resilient communities.).The transitional houses were constructed mainly during the first period after the tsunami, whereas the construction of permanent houses began after careful evaluation by the government and stakeholders.In Sri Lanka, no-construction zones existed in areas that underwent the rehabilitation process.The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was one of the most devastating tsunamis in world history.The tsunami caused damage to most of the Asian and other countries bordering the Indian Ocean.The problem of traffic jams during tsunami evacuations, especially in well-known tourist areas, was found to be the most common problem faced by all of the countries.The readiness of tsunami warning systems differed across the countries studied.


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