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Some organisations start thinking about this even earlier, with candidates who are seen as potential CEO material assigned roles and responsibilities specifically to help with their development and to enhance their visibility with the global partnership.One issue that is often overlooked is that high performers may be well known to the board and senior management team, but may be less well known to the partnership at large beyond their core area or practice group.

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Succession planning is vital for certain Protestant churches that utilize a unique ministry model called multi-site.

For multi-site churches, a critical senior leadership role is the campus pastor.

It is critical that, in tandem with their development, a mechanism is found to raise their profile across the firm’s network.

Clearly, it is possible to run a much shorter project where candidate identification, assessment and decision making could be collapsed into a period of just a few months.

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Well, if you want to run an initial assessment process to define a shortlist of 2–3 candidates, then two years would be sufficient to give them new roles or projects to work on their development areas, ask them to prepare and present a manifesto to the partnership, run the selection process and leave enough time for a handover period.

That is usually not the case with a CEO or managing partner and in general we recommend that they do not play a formal role in the process to find their successor — although by nature of their position and influence they can be an important sounding board for Nom Co. Will it be a selection by Nom Co, followed by ratification by the partnership, or will it be a true election?

At the very least, you will want to ensure they are aligned with the process and any related communication. Can any partner throw his or her hat in the ring or will Nom Co act as a filter? Should you consider external candidates, or at least a benchmarking exercise to help with calibration? If you are selecting for multiple roles, do you allow candidates to run as a "ticket" or do you insist they run as stand- alone candidates? Should you run a two- phase assessment process, narrowing a potentially large field down to the two or three serious candidates as early as possible? Any new leader will bring a degree of fresh thinking to a firm’s strategy but they rarely start with a clean sheet of paper.

An evidence-based succession management framework for multi-site church leaders is recommended.

Keywords: church leadership, multi-site church, succession planning, succession management, case-study, qualitative research, leadership development, Converge.


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