Dissertation On Banked Blood

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As blood is a scarce resource, clinician should weigh the risks of transfusion against risks of not transfusing [5].

Blood component therapy has gained much of the interest in recent years because of its merits over whole blood transfusion like, it reduces volume overload on patient and has greater shelf life, better patient management [7].

Component therapy was introduced between 19s [7] to maximize the benefits of all components present in the whole blood [8-16].

Whole blood constituted 6424 (51.2%) units and red cells were 2684 (21.4%) units, FFP and Platelets constituted 2250 (17.9%) and 1197 (9.5%) units respectively.

Remaining 823 (6.2%) blood units were discarded due to transfusion transmitted infections like HBs Ag, HIV and HCV, VDRL positivity.

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Dissertation On Banked Blood

Visit for more related articles at Journal of Blood & Lymph Introduction: Blood is essential for life.Supply to the surgical wards was 2011 (16.0%) units.Demand from the labour room was 1751 (13.9%) units which were met.Inappropriate transfusion practices can lead to serious consequences for recipients including transmission of infectious agents [16].In developing countries there are limited resources of blood and increasing demand, hence it is necessary to make an efficient use of blood [17].Conclusion: Formulation of strict guidelines for transfusion practices will improve the appropriate use of precious resource.Periodic evaluation of utilization pattern, demand for different blood products also helps to maintain the blood stock. Until now there is no effective substitute for blood.Many a times there will be injudicious use of blood and its products among patients which causes unnecessary burden to the patients as well to blood bank.Main aim of this study is to evaluate the pattern utilization of blood and blood components in Karnataka institute of medical sciences.In our hospital least requirement for blood units (0.7%, n=93) was from department of ENT during the study period (Figure 3 and Table 1).In the present study, most common diagnosis requiring blood unit (n=2741, 21.8%) was elective surgery.


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