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You may be aware of, or discover some potential participants who are in real-life versions of online groups, with regular meetings face-to-face.This may be another opportunity to recruit interviewees, but have sense and mind your surroundings – it is not appropriate to sneak into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to ask people to give up their life story.The aim is not to stress out about how long it takes; the aim is to just be aware of how long everything really takes.

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If your project requires the use of E-Prime then you are a bit snookered and will need to use the psychology lab. At some point during your data collection people are going to say “no” to do your study, and me saying it is not going to make the rejection feel any better.

Just make sure you get a computer booked early, but bear in mind there are rules about using the lab, so email the psychology technician. Unfortunately there will be days (yes, whole days) where you maybe only get 1 – 3 participants and that is it.

You need to be aware that everything in your dissertation will take time, more time than you think.

The aim is not to stress out about how long it takes; the aim is to just be aware of how long everything really takes. Students have a bad habit of only attending classes they feel they need, and if one of them are ‘so-so’ then it’s off the list, never to be attended again.

This section will not provide you with the perfect guide to writing your dissertation, but it will encourage you to keep in mind some of the smaller points that you won’t necessarily be told about during your dissertation classes. We’ll warn you now, your dissertation classes are not cartwheels and balloons about how amazing dissertations are; they are realistic and informative.

Some of you may be further ahead than the information that the class will be covering, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend. And if you are particularly anxious about being away from your work and feel your time would be better spent doing it, then bring your work to the class, you can always do bits and pieces while your lecturer is covering a section you already know about.Not to mention, she was so stressed about getting it all entered quickly she made some mistakes with numbers that set her back during analysis.Also, don’t bank on being able to blaze through your analysis in a day or two; depending on how thorough your supervisor wants to be the process may take weeks. Reading and re-reading a transcription in order to interpret and analyse the data takes hours.Presumably, you want to talk to real people who are really involved in your dissertation issue, and that probably means strangers.Appealing for interview participants in the 21st century is often best achieved through the 'interwebs', so have a wee look at online forums, social media groups, and special interest websites which are relevant to your topic.It seems like such a simple thing, but believe me, there is nothing worse than going to enter your data in If your research design is some form of analysis (e.g.theme analysis, content analysis, discourse analysis, bow-tie analysis) of data generated in interviews; then think about WHO you want to interview and HOW you're going to find them.Don’t panic about that; just be aware that’s sometimes how long it takes. Coding survey responses and collating the results takes hours.Interpreting and explaining the significance of a visual image in relation to social inequality takes hours.That’s okay though, just try and use your time wisely; if it’s a ‘slow day’ and no one is agreeing to participate in your study, then go look for some journal articles for your dissertation, plan an essay for another module or start messaging everyone you know (even those people that you friend requested after you met them on a night out that one time) and see if people will come in and do your study for you.Sona Systems – if you can think all the way back to second year when you had to participate in research and write a learning log about it? Okay well, there are some second years at your disposal for research participation.


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