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I say that this action on the part of God is at least not praiseworthy, for all praise ought to be founded upon reason which ex hypothesi is not present here.My opinion is that God does nothing for which he does not deserve to be glorified. That love for God demands on our part complete satisfaction with and acquiescence in that which he has done The general knowledge of this great truth that God acts always in the most perfect and most desirable manner possible, is in my opinion the basis of the love which we owe to God in all things; for he who loves seeks his satisfaction in the felicity or perfection of the object loved and in the perfection of his actions. I believe that it is difficult to love God truly when one, having the power to change his disposition, is not disposed to wish for that which God desires.For to think that God acts in anything without having any reason for his willing, even if we overlook the fact that such action seems impossible, is an opinion which conforms little to God’s glory.

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This is because the number which is the greatest of all (that is, the sum of all the numbers), and likewise the greatest of all figures, imply contradictions.

The greatest knowledge, however, and omnipotence contain no impossibility.

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It is your responsibility to check the applicable copyright laws in your country before downloading this work. Concerning the divine perfection and that God does everything in the most desirable way The conception of God which is the most common and the most full of meaning is expressed well enough in the words: God is an absolutely perfect being.

And with respect to ourselves it can be said that the more we are enlightened and informed in regard to the works of God the more will we be disposed to find them excellent and conforming entirely to that which we might desire. Against those who hold that there is in the works of God no goodness, or that the principles of goodness and beauty are arbitrary Therefore I am far removed from the opinion of those who maintain that there are no principles of goodness or perfection in the nature of things, or in the ideas which God has about them, and who say that the works of God are good only through the formal reason that God has made them.

If this position were true, God, knowing that he is the author of things, would not have to regard them afterwards and find them good, as the Holy Scripture witnesses.Besides it seems that every act of willing supposes some reason for the willing and this reason, of course, must precede the act.This is why, accordingly, I find so strange those expressions of certain philosophers who say that the eternal truths of metaphysics and Geometry, and consequently the principles of goodness, of justice, and of perfection, are effects only of the will of God.These modern thinkers insist upon certain hardly tenable subtleties, for they imagine that nothing is so perfect that there might not have been something more perfect. They think, indeed, that they are thus safeguarding the liberty of God.As if it were not the highest liberty to act in perfection according to the sovereign reason.Such anthropological expressions are used only to let us know that excellence is recognized in regarding the works themselves, even if we do not consider their evident dependence on their author.This is confirmed by the fact that it is in reflecting upon the works that we are able to discover the one who wrought.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To me it seems that all these follow from his understanding, which does not depend upon his will any more than does his essence. Against those who think that God might have made things better than he has No more am I able to approve of the opinion of certain modern writers who boldly maintain that that which God has made is not perfect in the highest degree, and that he might have done better.It seems to me that the consequences of such an opinion are wholly inconsistent with the glory of God.


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