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However it is not only professional occupations that are classed as discourse communities, the language we use towards friends, family and when undergoing our hobbies or general day to day lives also differs depending on who we are communicating with and what activity we are carrying out, each of these groups is also classed as a discourse community.

Any type of activity we do that uses a set of language written or spoken in relation to the activity carried out is classified as a discourse community. I personally belong to multiple discourse communities, these include being a student at the Open University, a dance teacher, working part time within TV and Film, my groups of friends and my family.

In this essay, you'll be using the skills developed writing the Discourse Analysis to compare and contrast essays written within two different discourse communities on the same subject.

When comparing/contrasting (a common request in college writing) you want to be sure to point out both similarities and differences.

Write a draft in which you try to explain and account for the most important similarities and differences.

Use as much detail as you can; remember to incorporate examples from the text.Throughout the past few hundred centuries, the terms racism, and it's discourse, have reared it's ugly head upon society after society all over the earth in one way, shape or form. Many who went were pillars in the black community, mostly teachers, preachers, and community leaders (Henry,70). For example, In 1907 in Vancouver's Chinatown, a huge white mob ignited and engaged in a riot harming and destroying much of the people and property of that community (Henry,78). For example, a survey was conducted by the Equal Opportunity Consultants in 19...The educational benefits of writing are undeniable.The categories listed are not to be seen as "essential types"; most communities partake of all six to some extent, and the examples I list are unusually narrow, having been chosen as clear examples of the activity in question...* Information Exchange Examples: Mensa, Astronomy This tends to be most prominent in intellectual and technical communities focused around academic disciplines and technical subjects...What significant differences between them do you find?How might the target audiences explain these similarities and differences?" You're answering the key question for a professor of a class on your group's topic.She is trying to decide which of these two readings is more appropriate for the class to read and has asked you to read and compare them.Challenging students to write about our disciplines for diverse purposes and audiences deepens learning and promotes critical thinking.And so we put a great deal of effort into creating writing assignments that do not merely ask students to report back to us the content we have “delivered,” but instead require them to explore course content and address a target audience that has specific needs.


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