Disadvantages Of Science Essay

Disadvantages Of Science Essay-53
It is contributing newer and newer forms of inventions for human life.The modern development mostly depends on the blessing of science.The improvements we see in our daily life are because of science.

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Water, air & noise pollution – all are a threat to mankind.

It is due to this pollution that we are facing major problems like global warming and it has become a challenge for humanity.

Industries and vehicles contribute to major pollution.

Inventions in the field of technology have led to an increase in pollution.

We know that science has given us far too many things and had made our life worth living from making a pin to a rocket are all the gifts of science. Disadvantages of Science Science has made some inventions that have proved to be destructive for the humankind.

These were invented for the betterment of the human beings but are rather proving to be a curse in following ways: Pollution Pollution started with industrialization.

Unemployment With the invention of high-tech machinery, the work which used to be too time-consuming earlier hardly takes any time now.

The invention might have eased our life but has also created unemployment.

Many harmful and toxic gases are released into the environment by the industries. The air we take in is extremely polluted and causes various diseases.

The waste these industries produce is often thrown in the rivers and other water resources leading to water pollution.


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