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The UK says it is not planning a ban on wet wipes, as was recently widely reported in the media, but is working with industry to find "suitable alternatives" that consumers can safely dispose.

Wet wipes, also known as wet towels or baby wipes, are...

They are dispensed in the toilets of restaurants, service stations, doctors' offices, and other places with public use.

Wet wipes have also found a use among visitors to outdoor music festivals, particularly those who camp, as an alternative to communal showers.

Julius worked in the cosmetics industry and in 1957, adjusted a soap portioning machine, putting it in a loft in Manhattan.

Julius trademarked the name Wet-Nap in 1958, a name for the product that is still being used.These pads are good for treating minor scrapes, burns, and insect bites.They disinfect the injury and also ease pain and itching.Wet wipes are often included as part of a standard sealed cutlery package offered in restaurants or along with airline meals.Wet wipes began to be marketed as a luxury alternative to toilet paper by 2005 by companies such as Kimberly-Clark and Procter & Gamble.Although marketed primarily for wiping infants' bottoms in diaper changing, it is not uncommon for consumers to also use the product to clean floors, toilet seats, and other surfaces around the home.Parents also use wet wipes, or as they are called for baby care, baby wipes, for wiping up baby vomit and to clean babies' hands and faces.Disinfecting cleansing pads are often included in first aid kits for this purpose.Since the outbreak of H1N1 sales of individual impregnated wet wipes and gels in sachets and flowpacks have dramatically increased in the UK following the Government’s advice to keep hands and surfaces clean to prevent the spread of germs.Cleansing pads for preventing infection are usually saturated with alcohol and bundled in sterile packages.Hands and instruments may be disinfected with these pads while treating wounds.


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