Direct Marketing Case Studies

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The magazine was a way of displaying exclusive brands and illustrating the vast selection of beauty product and gift ideas available in Brown Thomas during the Christmas period.

This was done alongside an ‘All I Want for Christmas’ digital competition with €2,500 worth of prizes, which was aimed at increasing the brand’s social media following and engaging with visitors to its website.

Louise Beggan and Jillian Mc Guirk, directors of estate agent Mc Guirk Beggan, first heard of Ad at an An Post Grow My Business conference. They first tested Ad to see how it drove new listings and customer enquiries, and now run Ad campaigns regularly.

A template for Mc Guirk Beggan was created on, so they do all of the work themselves and always see a response.

A printed leaflet was a cost-effective way of reaching its target market, who tend to have more time to read direct marketing material.

Direct Marketing Case Studies Essay On The True Art Of Playing Keyboard Instruments

Rom Massey & Sons used an easy-to-read four-page leaflet, which contained information on prices, as well as a €200 funeral voucher.Within 10 days of the campaign landing, 13 funerals were booked.Many people held onto the leaflets for use several years after they were distributed.The property company sends out two types of messages: ‘We are selling in your area we have disappointed cash buyers’ and ‘1% fees’ Brown Thomas wanted to position itself as the ultimate destination for beauty in Ireland.It decided to mail its Brown Thomas Beauty magazine to 5,000 of its core customers.Here is what I love about this post: Variety of formats.The post covers QR Codes, augmented reality, NFC, Video in Print, mobile-in-print, conductive inks, Customized Market Mail®, and 3D mail.Another way to get readers to engage with a direct mail piece is specialty inks.To promote these opportunities, the USPS used (among others) a case study from Knorr.Knorr wanted something truly different to promote its new line of frozen foods.It created a mailer with the line “unlike any F****N dinner you’ve ever tried” printed in leuco dye.


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