Developments In Transportation Essay

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In the mean time, the Industrial Revolution had created a powerful capitalist class in England who were willing for investment of their surplus capital what rich dividend would be assured.

Such investors found the construction of railways as the best channel for investment.

Fourth, the British also felt the need of communication system in order to establish links between far off places and the administrative headquarters.

Since the company maintained vast empire in India, it was an administrative need to connect all parts of India with centers of administration.

Thus, the English had their own ideas about transport and communication.

However, the need of the Company indirectly served for welfare of the Indian mase.

Railways: However, introduction of railways was the milestone in the Indian transport system.

The English observed the benefits of railways as the best means for distribution of finished goods and supply of raw materials.

Before the British rule, Indian transport and communication system was backward in comparison to the Western countries.

There were no roads and no railway to connect distance places. The self-sufficient village economy was enough to meet the day to day needs of the people.


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