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authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and neglectful) on child development in Muslim families.Most scholars focus on authoritarian and authoritative parenting styles in their studies and disregard the permissive and neglectful parenting styles (Mayseless, Scharf, & Sholt, 2003; Takeuchi & Takeuchi, 2008).

A third to half of those individuals will meet criteria for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) during their lifetime.

Individuals that do not develop PTSD likely have better coping skills regarding trauma.

Parenting styles create different social environments in the lives of children within the home.

Many studies have investigated the effects of parenting style on children's emotional development and behavior (Liem, Cavell, & Lustig, 2010; Pezzella, 2010; Schaffer, Clark, & Jeglic, 2009; Steward & Bond, 2002; Timpano, Keough, Mahaffey, Schmidt, & Abramowitz, 2010) as well as differences in parenting across cultures (Keels, 2009; Paulussen-Hoogeboom, Stams, Hermanns, Peetsma, &Wittenboer, 2008).

Early in life, children identify themselves as a “girl” or a “boy,” and this basic self-categorization lays a foundation for their developing beliefs about with whom, what, how, and where they will play.

Children play an active role in their own and their peers’ “gender socialization” (the process by which they come to acquire the knowledge, values ...

Social media offers new opportunities and challenges for adolescents more today as a generation than ever before.

Issues regarding body image, academic achievement, and self-esteem and the connection to social media usage is reported. Objective: Most individuals experience a stressful event at some point in their lives.

In order to disseminate these findings, we compiled a list of different opportunities around San Luis Obispo for children's active participation in music.

Our goal is to provide parents with a resource to help them facilitate their children's involvement in music.


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