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Sinhala literature can be traced back to two millenniums and is considered to be the successor to the ancient Aryan literary traditions.

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The official name of the nation is the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

Tamil literature in Sri Lanka developed its own style despite its ties to the Indian subcontinent.

It too has a colourful background, contributed to by both the Hindu and Muslim communities here.

Most South-east Asian countries are lumped together and the individual cultures and traditions of each country are overlooked.

As this is the silk routes session, I believe that participants from all involved countries would greatly benefit from learning about the differences between our culture and their own.Our customary traditions, art, literature, music and even cuisine all have a distinct feature to them.The large range of communities such as Sinhalese, Burghers, Tamils, Moors, etc. It is often common to see Sri Lanka as a branch of India.Prose and Sinhalese folklore were an integral aspect of literature in Sri Lanka.During the middle ages, Sri Lankan literature saw a boost and many poetic writings known as were written during this period.Language has linked many different ethnicities within the country and is important here in Sri Lanka but is given low priority amongst the newer generations.Despite the significance the two languages have with respect to Sri Lankan culture, in many schools little to no time is allocated for their literature.The island nation covers approximately 25,332 square miles (65,610 square kilometers) and is divided ecologically into a dry zone stretching from the north to the southeast and a wet zone in the south, west, and central regions.This contrast in rainfall combined with topographical differences has fostered the development of regional variation in economy and culture.Dating back to the era (200BCE to 600CE), it lasted through the Portuguese era, prevalent in the Jaffna courts.Tamil literature saw a fall during the civil war but still has its literary traditions intact.


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