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Power in Othello: Othello: Othello, the principle character, at the beginning seems to have power- whether it is physical, psychological, political or military.

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His stature and tone of voice, along with his self-confidence and belief, lead the audience to think of Othello as the main representation of power in the play.

However, further into the play, Othello’s power seems to diminish, revealing his insecurity and susceptibility.

He is very naive and strongly believes those close to him are honest- even deeper in the play when Iago’s doings make Othello despise those around him, he still believes Iago.

Psychologically, Othello also seems to have power, mainly a result of his military rank.

He gets into people’s heads in many dishonest ways- by spreading false rumours, telling lies and psychologically tricking people and secretly controlling certain situations.

His power to manipulate is a key point in the play, as it results in major consequences and the deaths of some main characters.Iago then later manipulates him to talk about his mistress Bianca, knowing that Othello was secretly listening.However, Othello believed Cassio was talking about his affairs with Desdemona. “Keep up your bright swords, for the dew will rust them. Beware, my lord, of jealousy: It is the green-ey’d monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.As an experienced soldier, a General to be precise, Othello has had little experience with women.Even though he is a high ranking military official, he is less respected because of his dark skin and being a foreigner.Othello sees Cassio with the handkerchief and believes Desdemona gave it to him, supposedly proving Iago’s claims to Othello of Desdemona being an adultress.Iago: Iago is an ensign to Othello, and also a soldier in his army.In the final act, Emilia reveals her true loyalty by stating that she gave Iago the handkerchief, a revelation of proof that Desdemona is not unfaithful.For doing so, Emilia is stabbed by her husband Iago, and with her dying breath she sings the song Desdemona told her, “Willow”.Between his soldiers and his friends, he is also very highly respected, this too being a form of power.Desdemona: Desdemona is Othello’s wife and the daughter of Brabantio.


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