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Old friends, new friends, happy faces, rhum cocktails in hand, in the breathtaking crystalline waters of Île Plate (Flat Island) on the north coast of Mauritius, an island nation in the Indian Ocean.

And last but not least, a big thank you goes to Air Mauritius.

Air Mauritius flies from their hub in Paris CDG direct to Mauritius every day.

At one moment, the boatman stopped the boat just as a large pod of dolphins approached us. He shivered in excitement and murmured, “I’ve just seen GOD! When he caught his breath, he explained what a divine experience it was to float in that ethereal blue water and watch a ‘wall’ of 60-70 dolphins approach him.

Caspar jumped into the water whilst Fan and I excitedly watched the scenes of jumping dolphins from the boat. They swam rapidly towards him before diving into the deep.

We didn’t catch any big fish like marlins or swordfish (we caught a few skipjack tuna instead) but what a day it was, out on the bluest water, with the impressive Le Morne mountain in the distance.

When we returned to shore, I made my way to the north of the island, passing the bustling capital city, Port Louis.Our host Josette was as bubbly as she was charming.We had a fabulous home-cooked Mauritian lunch at the beach. As I walked along the beach of the Maradiva Resort, I spotted a newly-wed couple posing under the trees. I (belatedly) realised the possible consequences of the text the second I hit ‘tweet’. I experienced another ‘first’ the next day – a big game fishing trip!My last day in Mauritius was one I won’t easily forget.It started with a scenic drive to Grand Bay in the north of the island, along beautiful beaches, resorts and picturesque villages.I took a photo of them from afar and tweeted it with the text “Just married… True enough, within seconds, a barrage of congratulatory tweets appeared in my Twitter stream! I met Bernard from Zazou Fishing and my pals Rob and Richard at the Black River pier.It was a special treat listening to Bernard as he patiently explained the sport, the equipment and his fishing experiences.As we disembarked, I noticed the extraordinary light and the silhouette of imposing mountains in the distance. Two hours later, I found myself on the stunning white sands of Le Morne, in the southwestern corner of the island, at the gorgeous St. I pinched myself several times and dug my toes into the sand in the crystal-clear water. I was booked on a helicopter tour the following day. Check out this Vine filmed from the helicopter: That evening, I stayed at yet another stunning resort, the luxurious Maradiva Villa Resort situated at Tamarin Bay on the island’s west coast.I made my way back to the airport where I was met by the friendly Air Mauritius staff. The resort comprises individual villas along the beach and in the extensive gardens.I truly enjoyed flying with Air Mauritius in their spacious Business Class cabin.The friendly service, wonderful food and wines made the long flight a great pleasure!


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