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Playing with this team I acquired more of a team mentality.Through playing as a team, I got much better at working as part of a group, a skill that has been immensely helpful in my life, and will doubtlessly be helpful for the rest of my life.

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There were two outs and the bases were loaded when I went up to bat, and I was worried I would strike out again and miss the opportunity to score a run.

When the pitch came I swung as hard as I could, and the ball hit the very top of the fence.

With the entire team standing around in a huddle, my coach asked me, “What position do you like to play? ” Still not entirely sure I just responded with “Goalie? Because it was my first time playing and I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing, the other players just kicked the ball into the goal while I just watched it confused.

” I wasn’t really sure what he meant, so I just stood there nervously for a few seconds he asked “Do you like offense? The coach realized I had never played before, so he put me at defense because it was the easiest position to learn.

The other thing I learned at Fairmount soccer was sportsmanship. When I won games, I didn’t make fun of the other team, because I knew what it was like to lose.

This has ultimately made me a much more respectful and empathetic person, which I feel are important qualities in a person.He gave me a quick explanation of what to do and or the rest of the practice I had fun stopping the offense and kicking the ball back up to the field.Going to games and practices quickly became things I looked forward to during the day.It was really fun for me, I could walk to the practices and games, and I played with all the other kids in my neighborhood.For the first few weeks of one season, I remember having a lot of trouble hitting the ball.I think that losing games is overall more important than winning games.Sure, winning games gives you a good sense of self achievement, and I higher standing in the league, but that’s it. Whenever you lose a game, or mess up anything in general, you think about what went wrong to make that happen, and that always makes you think about what you specifically went wrong, which is the most important part of getting better at something; learning from your mistakes.I was always striking out during games, even though during practices I would be getting extra help from the coaches on my swing.The 5th game of that season, I went up to bat in a really close game.Fairmount soccer specialized in teaching soccer to little kids who were just playing soccer or a sport for the first time, and it was the place where I learned not only how to play soccer but about supporting and encouraging other people.This is something that I have found is incredibly important in life, and it’s also something that you need to learn from experience.


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