Descriptive Essay On The Role Of Media In Democracy

Descriptive Essay On The Role Of Media In Democracy-58
In addition, the beginning of printing press gave way to advertising to have an important place as it now enjoys; its origins start on the pages of a French newspaper 400 years ago. In 1639, the first printing press came to colonies, and within 100 years the colonies had many newspapers.

Gutenberg with his press began a printing revolution.

Also in Germany, over 1590 years after Gutenberg, a regularly printed newspaper appeared for the first time.

We have chosen a very sensitive topic for today, "Role of Media in Democracy" so that you have an idea about how to frame the content for similar topics.

We have already discussed the format of Essay and have shared a sample(Misuses of the Saviour-The Internet) with you last week.

You can practice using different SSC CGL descriptive test model papers and sample papers.

We will have discussion of a popular topic asked in the descriptive test and a very sensitive topic indeed! Democracy is a government elected by people’s choice and in which people express their opinions freely.

Media had come into existence in 1780 with the introduction of ‘Bengal Gazette ‘and has always played a major role in framing a healthy democracy.

Media plays a vital role in broadcasting social, economic and political activities which, in turn, causes awareness among the general masses.

You need to write it in your own words keeping in mind that your essay has to be informative and content has to be unique.

This article on SSC CGL Tier III (Descriptive Paper) will help you scoring high.


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