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It’s additionally home to a bit of the tallest structures in Pakistan also.Amidst all this hustling around, Karachi additionally happens to be known as the city of lights.

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At the beaches, there are a lot of exercises, ride a camel or a stallion, swim, eat fresh crabs or essentially sit on the sand and loosen up.

The notable beaches in Karachi are Clifton Beach (the heart of the city) and the further away ones, Hawkesbay, Sandspit and French Beach.

Karachi is one of the world’s largest cities—by some measures, the second largest in terms of population, and likely the world’s biggest “Muslim” city.

(In this way, it is like the Indonesia of cities.) More than twenty million people live in this messy, dynamic, fractured megalopolis, the center of Pakistan’s financial and media industries and a major commercial entrepôt on the Arabian sea.

I’ve visited Karachi a number of times over the last ten years, and it has always presented itself as a fascinating puzzle that simply cannot be solved by an outsider with limited knowledge of the city’s politics, history, and language(s).

(Of course, in many ways it seems like a puzzle that can’t be solved by its own residents, who are perpetually distressed by the city’s inability to realize its own immense potential, but that’s a story for another time.) Pakistan is a country haunted by the specter of car bombs and assassinations, ingrained corruption and political gridlock, even as a growing middle and upper class shops for Crocs and Swarovskis at sumptuous new shopping centers such as Dolmen Mall and an almost incalculably vast, working-class group of strivers serves tea and biscuits, sweeps the floors, sells in shops, and chauffeurs cars in an effort to better their children’s prospects in a hoped-for future of continued growth and prosperity.

For our earlier photo essay on Pakistan, check out “The Best Style: Car Culture in Pakistan.” Alex Sayf Cummings is an associate professor of History at Georgia State University and author of the book Democracy of Sound: Music Piracy and the Remaking of American Copyright in the Twentieth Century (2013).

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Karachi is known as City of Lights generally due to the city’s nightlife; it is notable for being a city that never rests.

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