Descriptive Essay About A Frightening Experience

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Even during the day, it is only used by people who have worked in the rubber and banana plantations along the way.You are frightened at that time but years later when you think about the event it seems normal.Here I am going to narrate an incident when I learnt to drive a four wheeler, a car It was 5 years back when I started driving on my own but initially I just had a Learner’s licence.I completely went into shock as, I could feel my heart drop I started to panic badly wishing, and praying, and hoping saying to myself I wish that someone would pinch me, and wake me up from this terrible dream.The news I had gotten at that moment felt so unreal never would a day go pass in, which I would have thought about going through a loss of one of my siblings this soon.A massive traffic jam would build up in just minutes. Branches and tree trunks were scattered to the left and right of the streets.Before I could close my ears to the ceaseless noise, there came a great din. Thunder roared and lightning flashed and there was an outage. ' I wailed as I huddled under the blanket in total darkness, trembling with fear and cold, and waited for my parents to get home. There were giant craters where the trees were wrenched whole from the sidewalks.The giant tembusu tree in front of my house had snapped. I always had a horror of storms and this one showed Nature's wrath. The whole scene reminded me of one of those disaster movies.Another flash of lightning showed the angsana trees by the side of the street were uprooted. It would take all of us forever to clear the streets, the debris and the trees. I was actually making a fool of myself, but after the experience of the night before, this discovery is a small relief to me.Funmilayo Adesida Emerge program The Most Frightening Experience of My Life It all started one hot summer morning at sunrise, July 5th 2012 around 3 am the day after the 4th of July holiday.


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