Democracy And The Mass Media A Collection Of Essays

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The polarization of Congress, reflecting an electorate that has not been this divided since about the time of the Civil War, has led to ideological warfare between parties that directly channels the passions of their most extreme constituents and donors—precisely the type of factionalism the Founders abhorred.

The executive branch, meanwhile, has been transformed by the spectacle of tweeting presidents, though the presidency had broken from its constitutional restraints long before the advent of social media.

During the election of 1912, the progressive populists Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson insisted that the president derived his authority directly from the people.

Since then, the office has moved in precisely the direction the Founders had hoped to avoid: Presidents now make emotional appeals, communicate directly with voters, and pander to the mob.

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Madison’s reading convinced him that direct democracies—such as the assembly in Athens, where 6,000 citizens were required for a quorum—unleashed populist passions that overcame the cool, deliberative reason prized above all by Enlightenment thinkers.

Madison, however, thought Plato’s small-republic thesis was wrong.

He believed that the ease of communication in small republics was precisely what had allowed hastily formed majorities to oppress minorities.

“The government cannot endure permanently if administered on a spoils basis.

If this form of corruption is permitted and encouraged, other forms of corruption will inevitably follow in its train.


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