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As a general principle, it is better to research a narrow topic in more detail than a broad one in very little detail.

Then start to read around those subjects to narrow down the field of interest.

Now is a good time to identify a possible supervisor and talk to them about whether they would be prepared to supervise you and help you narrow down your research topic.

Your research question(s) should be ones that have not been fully answered in previous research so that you are adding to the literature.

However, you want your literature review to have at least something to report, so an area where there is already plenty of research is better than a completely new topic.

These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.By the time you have finished developing your research question(s), they should be tight and carefully defined, including a clear idea of the sector or area of study, study population, and what someone will know after reading your research.Once you have a topic, and research question(s), then you can decide on a title, which should broadly cover your research question(s) and summarise what you are going to do.Your research proposal may be a part of your dissertation, submitted in advance, or submitted as a separate piece of work.You may also be required to write a research proposal as part of a grant application.Any study involving human or animal subjects will need ethical approval, which will usually be from the university’s ethics committee.There is likely to be a standard form to complete, which you may need to submit as part of your research proposal.It is needed to persuade supervisors, funders and other stakeholders of the value of the research and the likelihood that it will successfully be able to answer the research question(s).A typical research proposal contains: In addition, when a research proposal is made to a funding body or when plans for communication are not implicit in the project (e.g., when the research is undertaken for a dissertation), then it is usual to include a detailed budget and a description of the communication plans in the proposal.You can always find a sector, study group, or other unique element that will make the research worthwhile, even if others have done similar studies before.Thinking about your research topic, ask yourself it is that you actually want to find out?


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