Deductive Essay

Consider the following example of a deductive statement:“Moody students are the only ones behaving in such a way. It means that 25% of students feel dispirited.”Certainly, when writing a deductive essay, you will need to provide more than one argument in order to reach a logical conclusion.

The aforementioned example shows the main feature of such type of paper. No personal point of view about the investigated issue should be provided.

Thus, make sure you do not express your opinion about the discussed subject.

One should pay special attention to choosing a subject for a deductive essay.

Working on the paper under such topic, the writer is expected to present valid and strong arguments to prove that his ideas are correct.

Regardless of the side the writer takes, he cannot just limit his/her discussion to personal opinions.

Why do people not want to be responsible for what they did?

The issues should be considered from objective viewpoint, as well as the social one.

The opinions of the society have to be taken into account as well.

Considering that sorrow caused by some unpleasant situations in life is often considered worse than physical pain, can we say that it is a good way to become stronger mentally and psychologically? This is a bright example of the topic that requires comparison of two viewpoints.


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