Decimals Problem Solving

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In fact, the decimal point moves to the right by the same number of zeros in the power of ten multiplier.

In cases like this, you can use powers of 10 to help create an easier problem to solve.

In this case, you can multiply the The number that is being divided into the dividend in a division problem. divisor, 0.3, by 10 to move the decimal point 1 place to the right.

If you multiply the divisor by 10, then you also have to multiply the The number to be divided up in a division problem. To divide by a decimal, multiply the divisor by a power of ten to make the divisor a whole number.

For instance, 4.12 Multiplication and division are inverse operations, so you can expect that if you divide a decimal by a power of ten, the decimal point in the quotient will also correspond to the number of zeros in the power of ten.

The difference is that the decimal point moves to the right when you multiply; it moves to the left when you divide.Then move the decimal point in the dividend that number of decimal places to the left; this will be your quotient.Andy just sold his van that averaged 20 miles per gallon of gasoline.In the examples above, notice that each quotient still contains the digits 4469—but as another 0 is added to the end of each power of ten in the divisor, the decimal point moves an additional place to the left in the quotient.To divide a decimal by a power of ten (10, 100, 1,000, etc.), count the number of zeros in the divisor.Keep all zeros in the product when you place the decimal point.You can drop the zeros on the right once the decimal point has been placed in the product.Then multiply the dividend by the same power of ten.You can think of this as moving the decimal point in the dividend the same number of places to the right as you move the decimal point in the divisor. Remember that when you divide, you do not count the total number of decimal places in the divisor and dividend.So in order to find out how much Vanessa has spent, we will divide 45.75 by 3: Yesterday Susana took a trip to visit some family.She covered a total of 135.75 miles without making any stops along the way, and it took her exactly 1.5 hours to arrive at her destination.


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