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For example, Todd was the first to stand on his desk and address him as “O’ Captain, my Captain”.

However, a new tale of a charismatic, young teacher named John Keating allows these students to see the world from a different perspective and learn to embrace the phrase “Carpe Diem”. The setting takes place in an Ivy League prep school named Welton Academy in the distant hills of Vermont in 1959.

This tale is called Dead Poets Society by screen-writer Tom Schulman and directed by Peter Weir; the movie was subsequently followed by a novel written by N. Throughout the story, Keating’s teachings have influenced the minds of these students and encourage them to let loose and try to In a school full of intellectual and refined looking students, each of them seem to have the utmost ambition and only see academics as their purpose.

He is grimly accepted into the Dead Poets Society and does not fully support the idea as he considers it to be against the school code.

He also wants to "let Keating fry" and to falsely blame him for Neil's suicide in order to maintain his position at the school.

In the film, Dead Poets Society, students at Welton Academy (who are accustomed to strict discipline) are suddenly experiencing change when a new teacher, John Keating(a former student and a member of the Dead Poets Society), arrives to teach them English with unorthodox methods, opening up a new world for the students.

The students all react differently to Keating: some resist while others do not change at all. Mr Keating, is a romantic teacher He takes on an “above the law,” and in a sense, has a “God-complex,” meaning he feels that he should always be in control of the situation and that he will not have to face the consequences of any of his actions.In another one of his “moments of passion”, he punches Cameron for telling the administrators everything about the DPS and gets expelled for doing so.However, he does not blame Keating for any of his actions, which shows that he does have conscience and a sense of responsibility Todd Anderson Todd Anderson is the only student to have grasped Keating’s message, understood it and discovered his voice without resorting to extreme measures.An unconventional English teacher who joins Welton Academy as the movie begins, John Keating is an ex-student of the school who has already lost many jobs.He attracts the students' attention by asking them to address him as "Oh captain, my captain." He also attracts the attention of the faculty by encouraging the students to stand on their desks, rip their textbook and develop their own way of walking. Keating urges his students to view English and poetry as something essential for life rather than a mundane school subject. Keating but learn to trust him when he convinces them to revive the secret "Dead Poets Society" that he ran as a student. Keating about his fear of his father and his desire to become an actor.He, unlike his friends, does not show any suspicion of Keating and enjoys his new teacher.His actions get out of control and lead his friends to trouble when he publishes an article demanding the admission of girls to Welton and then makes fun of Nolan in the middle of chapel.During Todd's stay at Welton, he spent much of his time studying rather than socializing, and often passing up a good time because of his shyness.Along with the rest of his peers, Todd became a member of the Dead Poets Society, a secret organization that appreciated poetry. Keating are three of the most important characters in the film "Dead Poets Society." Todd Anderson is the character that we see undergo the most change during the course of the movie.Upon entering Welton Academy, he already must live up to the reputation of his older brother, who was the valedictorian of his class.


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