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This was in form of spells, charms, passwords magical formulas and numbers to be used in course of the journey.

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- The Day of the Dead also known as Dia De Los Muertos occurs on November 2, the day after the Dia De lots Inocentes which happens to fall on November 1st ,which in translation means the day of the innocents or the day of the little angels.

These rituals are highly known in Mexico, Latina America, Spain, Italy, South America , Philippines and some parts of the United States, they are mainly celebrated in Catholic based countries and people.

The Egyptian history depicts a rich religious settings.

They believed in the life that existed on earth and life in death where it was the transition and the journey to afterlife.

Though not prepared as part of art, the book of the dead gives a clear indication of the religious culture of Egyptians as well as their deep regard for life after death.

Postmodernism emerged in the last century to confront many conventions of the modernist era.As such, guidance through the journey was essential.With much of the Egyptians time devoted to afterlife, the book contains major ideas and beliefs relating to the next world.However, the book of the dead used to be a perverse of those in higher social classes as they only could afford its high costs.The responsibility to create the book of the dead was with the scribes.Authors such as Fowles, Delillo, Pynchon, Borges and Stoppard play on the convictions of audiences and take from them what society holds most dear.In Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead two bewildered heroes are able to redefine the world they have been subjected to by questioning every certainty they come across.In collective format, these texts made up the book of the dead.According to their believe, the journey to the afterlife was riddled with difficulties and temptations.In instances where the individual was not in such apposition, the family had the responsibility to do so upon demise of a family member.The scribes would use both red and red color to write the scripts with the content contain of written texts and pictures denoting the individual’s life after death.


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