David Milgaard Essay

As well as the formation of foundations such as The Association of Defense for the Wrongly Convicted (AIDWYC).

Unfortunately, mistakes made in the Canadian Justice System have serious life altering repercussions for everyone that is involved.

- Contrary to many children, Betty Anne Waters and her brother Kenneth Waters did not have a helpless and happy childhood.

They have a negligent mother from foster parents to another foster's home.

Police quickly sought out known sex offenders in the area to question them but they could find no obvious leads.

He also said that Milgaard appeared to have blood stains on his clothing that day.

In this case, the justice system failed at all levels and asked how it happened to the Ontario courts.

On 9th October 1984, a 9 year old Christine Jessop was kidnapped at his house in Queensville, Ontario.

They relied on each other and learned to build a strong connection. was convicted of assassinating Nova Scotia's Sandy Seale in 1971.

When Kenny grew up, he became a famous trouble maker for the police. Kenny bothered the past and when his drunk, his violence caused his situation before the judge. Marshall was released in prison in 1983 for 11 years.


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