David Hume Of The Standard Of Taste Thesis

He proposes that there is no merit in a notion of a universal morality, and that there can be no general standard of taste. 208) from the idea that there are two ways to consider an object, through judgement and through sentiment.

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Additionally, comparative analysis is what allows us to assign degrees of perfection to something.

Lastly, Hume states that a true judge must free itself from all prejudice, for no one could reasonably assert a standard if their faculties were unfairly influenced.

Applying this to the dilemma at hand, it follows that we must be able to locate some standard of taste and beauty within the subject themselves.

After much deliberation, Hume finds this standard and outlines what a “true judge” would look like.

Matthew White traces the Enlightenment back to its roots in the aftermath of the Civil War, and forward to its effects on the present day.

As long as culture, media, and art has existed, so too has the everlasting conundrum of taste.

by discussing whether it is possible to propose a universal system of ethics.

He proposes that the mere naming of specific moral attitudes gives the impression that these are desirable, but study of poetry soon makes it clear that different poets, and different cultures, praise different ethical values.

Thus when Burns addresses the mouse or the louse, he is not celebrating humility or an object of a lower status, but showing that a sharply perceptive sensibility can see emotion in any subject.

The poem is not about the animal, but about Burns’s projection of the nature of the world and his experience of it on to the creature.


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