Data Analysis Geography Coursework

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This second part of the River Studies package provides all the tools necessary to produce printable in-depth analyses of actual geographical sites, allowing students to observe the direct correlation between the physical properties of river sections and the resultant flow patterns.

This program allows the study of bedload characteristics over the 10km stretch of the virtual river.

However 10% said that they strongly disagreed with the idea.

A lot of car users said that they agreed with improving public transport.

This was mainly because of the fact it was a lot cheaper and a lot quicker to reach the Birmingham City Centre.

The majority of people who travelled to the Birmingham city centre to shop and for leisure also said that they would like to see more pedestrianised areas. Conclusion However some said that the service of public transport was satisfactory and needed far i have got; bi polar surveys building decay survey number plate surveys retail quality survey i definitely think i need more methods as these are all not very accurate in answering the question.Environmental Quality index Also as secondary data you could try and find house prices of the area currently and if possible before the regeneration project was started, if not sample nearby unregenerated areas In regards to surveys you could just aks 1-10 or 1-5 how effective do you think [specific regeneration project] has been, or how much they like it Then you could ask for additional comments if they have time Be warned though surveys are really hard to do because no one wants to do a survey especially not one held by a teenager Check out this link https:// Questionnaires are the best method.The graphs were produced using the data I collected during the investigation.The reason for doing this is because I will be able to suggest reasons as to why the people I interviewed selected the answers they chose.A wide range of print options allow students to produce professional summaries and analysis of their data for inclusion in coursework folders. Introduction In this section I will be analyzing the graphs which I have produced.Some of the people I interviewed lived closer to the Birmingham City Centre.The majority of those people travelled using a train.I also will be able to, in detail, make comments on the answers of the people I interviewed.By doing this I can also make comparisons between different graphs.


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