Daft Punk Homework Album

"Teachers" has a very nice bassline and it is funky, extremely catchy, and even humorous. Even if you don't dance at all this album isn't a complete waiste."Revolution 909" is a quick, dance song that gets you out of your seat in no time. Basically if you don't like to party or dance then this album might not be the best choice.

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While "Homework" is an awesome dance album it doesn't quite do it for regular listens.

You can't just pick this up and listen to it whenever you please.

I did prefer Discovery for a while but this album just feels like a more raw version of the sound they've created on that album which I wish the duo kept.

This is Daft Punks debut, released on January 20th 1997.

This album is great for parties and highly recommended for dance fans and even electronica fans.

While this album isn't hardcore it still pumps me up everytime I listen to it.An EDM classic, Daft Punk’s debut, “Homework” is danceable as all hell with plenty of playful, funky sounds while also experimenting with different genres. Fav Tracks: Revolution 909, Around The World, Da Funk, High Fidelity, Alive, Burnin’, Phoenix, Indo Silver Club, Rollin' & Scratchin' Least Fav Track: Fresh Score: 8 Great Yeah this album completely won me over I cannot stop listening it's so addicting.Every song and beat on here is just so pleasing to the ears, despite this album's length being over an hour long I wish it was much longer.Overall "Homework" is mainly used for dancing and having a good time.This isn't an album you can fully enjoy unless you like to dance, there just isn't enough spice to make this a truly unique and interesting album.Daft Punk do not use a lot of vocals and lyrics on "Homework", it is mainly just for dancing and having a good time.When Daft Punk uses a vocalist they just repeat the same words over and over again in songs like "Around the World" and "Oh Yeah." This can get repetitve, but it works well.If you want a lot of range, this album doesn't have to much."Fresh" and "Pheonix" are both danceable and they make you feel good and you can even relax to them. I don't really enjoy dancing but when I hear some of these songs I just get up and go for it.Daft Punk combine deep throbbing dance beats with influences of electronica, funk, and disco.Electronica is obviously the biggest influence on this album.


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