Customer Satisfaction Dissertation

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While many researchers are of the belief that customer satisfaction is very similar to service quality, some others are of the opinion that both are two different concepts.

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Additionally, each respondent will have the right not to participate further at any point of time.

Individual responses as well as the final results of the survey will kept strictly confidential, and all response forms as well as stored data will be destroyed once the analysis is completed to ensure complete privacy of participants. Literature Review RQ1: Investigate levels of customer satisfaction with Audi?

There are a multitude of factors that influence the levels of customer satisfaction for a premium, life style brand like Audi.

Audi, as discussed above, is a premium car brand that sells high value cars.

Before the survey is conducted, each respondent will be informed about the nature and goal of the survey.

Customer Satisfaction Dissertation

Each respondent will be informed about their nature of involvement in the survey process.One such factor is the beautiful architecture of the hotels that has made them to be considered iconic.Additionally, Taj hotel staff members are known to put the needs of the customers ahead of their own.According to a survey conducted by Bain and Co, “one of the most powerful techniques for converting buyers into die-hard fans is providing exceptional after-sales service” (Flees & Senturia, 2008).This report will aim to evaluate the existing customer satisfaction level of Audi customers, identify how critical is after sale service towards overall satisfaction, and identify possible areas in after sale service where there is a scope of improvement.These shifts focus to employees regarding their ability to satisfy consumers’ anticipations.Besides, when the ratings go down they give an indication that the profitability and sales revenues of the company in rivalry is in jeopardy.As per a strategy document released by Audi named Strategy 2020, Audi aims to achieve the leadership position in premium segment, and wants to consolidate its leadership position in that segment (Audi USA, 2009, p.27).After sales service is one of the most important factors influencing brand loyalty.Explanatory Objectives RQ3: identify main reasons for low customer satisfaction of after sales service RQ4: identify the factors that influence customer service from after sales service Developmental Objectives RQ5: evaluate methods that can potentially improve customer satisfaction 3.Research Ethics “Ethical issues are present in any kind of research.


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