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Verify that a high level of intrusion is being achieved by the test tools D.Check that new tests focus on new features of the framework Sample Exam CTEL TA-E Page 6 of 13 4 July, 2014 Question 8 K3 Your organization has a new automated test suite that needs to be verified for consistency and correct behavior.Implement an automated information gathering process that will capture usage metrics Question 5 K3 Your manager has told you that he wants autonomous execution for the test automation software you are architecting.

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Tests limit the results checking to predictable or verifiable results D.

Tests that are automated can be more complex than manual tests Question 2 K2 Which one of the following is a success factor in a test automation project? An automation approach that targets all parts of the SUT for the broadest possible coverage B.

In most cases they became frustrated and were unable to implement the test automation on schedule.

Your management has told you this is the last time the organization will attempt to launch a test automation solution.

This organization has had several other test automation solution attempts that have not gone well.

You have reviewed the comments and complaints from previous deployments and have discovered that the users of the test automation solution had not been trained and had no way to get knowledgeable help.

You have reviewed the situation and have made a number of observations. The software to be automated is part of a regression suite that is run at least twice a quarter and is expected to be needed for at least the next three years. The tests are quite complex and prone to tester error during execution. There is a widely used open source tool that is compatible with the development platform. Given this information, which of the following is likely to be an obstacle to the automation effort? The test environment may be unstable and the updates may cause the automation to fail. The tests are complex and will be difficult to automate given that the manual execution is error-prone. No commercial tools are available for this implementation on this platform. There is no UI to use for the automation and API automation is not cost effective.

No affordable commercial tools support the platform. The team has just changed from an Agile development process to a V-Model. Question 7 K3 Your organization has set up a new environment for the automated tests.

Define and publish the usage guidelines for the test automation solution to ensure consistent usage D.

Select a project that the organization considers small and unimportant so that any delays will not result in schedule or budget issues E.


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