Critical Thinking To Solve Problems In Our Daily Life

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Critical thinkingcan seem like such an abstract term that you don’t practically use. The truth is, that as nurses we can’t escape critical thinking .

Let me give you a few examples from my career in which critical thinking helped me take better care of my patient.

By Wayne Stottler, Kepner-Tregoe For over 60 years, Kepner-Tregoe has been helping companies across industries and geographies develop and mature their problem-solving capabilities through KT’s industry leading approach to training and the implementation of best practice processes.

Considering that problem solving is a part of almost every person’s daily life (both at home and in the workplace), it is surprising how often we are asked to explain what problem solving is and why it is important. It is the methods we use to understand what is happening in our environment, identify things we want to change and then figure out the things that need to be done to create the desired outcome.

The physician wanted the patient to get 2 units of blood before going downstairs to the procedure. About 30 minutes after that second unit got started, I noticed his oxygen went from 95% down to 92% down to 90%. But it just sort of hung around the low 90’s on oxygen.

via GIPHY I had a patient that was scheduled to go to get a pacemaker placed at 0900.

People with good analytical skills, and who can think flexibly, are better at predicting what enemy states will do next than top intelligence analysts:“So-called “superforecasters” from Tetlock’s Good Judgement Project — non-experts who are good at turning information into predictions and assessments of confidence — outperformed intelligence analysts with access to classified information.”( by Jeffrey Lewis, Foreign, 2016)It’s simple: if you can think outside your own knowledge graph, and follow good arguments, even if they don’t fit with a given plan you’ve been given, then you’re more likely to be able to entertain possibilities that are strange — but true.

“I saw the most dangerous young men in the country walking down a corridor saying, “you can’t say that, that’s circular reasoning,” instead of punching each other or hitting the wall,” says Dr Roy van den Brink-Budgen, a former Education Manager at a UK prison and critical thinking expert.

Critical thinking is about to become one of the most in-demand set of skills in the global jobs market.* Are you ready?

“Critical thinking” is an umbrella term for six core skills, all of which combine to allow you to work, think, and act more effectively and more strategically: To be a true critical thinker means being creative, reflective, and adaptable, evaluating the evidence to decide for yourself: what is accurate? Do I have sufficient information to take a decision? It allows you to: Critical thinking is also about discovery and excitement: not only about learning, but evaluating arguments to see how they stand up – and filtering for yourself what resonates as right or wrong.


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