Critical Thinking Skills Worksheets

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Developing reasoning skills is crucial to a child’s early learning.

Logic and reasoning are the ability to think through problems and apply strategies to solve them.

Have students complete Lesson 3: "Making Smart Choices." Then give them this worksheet to complete.

Skills covered: Critical Thinking/Persuasive Writing/Art National Science Education Standards: Activity Extension: Have students work together to come up with their own scenario in which a young person may be offered a drink.

Start a classroom discussion about how the effects of alcohol on the brain may actually harm their relationships with peers. Cerebral Cortex: Decision-making; Act without thinking; 2.

Cerebellum: Coordinating everyday movement; Loss of balance; 3. Central Nervous System: Sending signals through the body; Slow movement; 5. Hippocampus: Memory; Difficulty learning Bonus Worksheet 2: Charting the Consequences (PDF) Objective: To reinforce the facts about the harmful effects of alcohol on the body.

Skin: Short-term: Widening blood vessels; Long-term: Worsening acne or puffy skin; 4.

Liver: Short-term: Breaks down alcohol; Long-term: Cirrhosis. : Short-term consequences may include getting into fights with friends for no reason, being late for school, forgetting material for a test.

It plays a significant role in problem solving, as well as decision making, explanation, conceptualization and communication.

Reasoning requires logical and intellectual skills as well as practice.


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