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Critical thinking will also aid them with developing self-management skills and prepare them well for lifelong learning.It is essential that units and courses teach the process of critical thinking and provide opportunities for students to evidence their critical thinking skills so that these can be demonstrated as a skillset to prospective employers. It can be defined as an active, intellectual process where the individual will observe, analyse and reflect on new knowledge and integrate it into their current understanding.Figure 1 and Table 1 each outline five parts of a scaffolded approach to critical thinking that is also reflected in the Deakin Graduate Learning Outcome Minimum Standards.

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Criteria are noted in the section: Examples of critical thinking rubrics.Mastery of critical thinking is important for all Deakin University graduates as every career will require some application of critical thinking.Critical thinking is a vital skill for graduates entering a dynamic workforce.They then need to allow students time to practice and to receive feedback (Black 2009).It is also necessary to remember that critical thinking can initially be a confronting process therefore teaching critical thinking should involve two parts: 1.Critical thinking is a component of problem solving, but it is not necessary to have a problem per se to undertake critical thinking.Critical thinking 1 TEACHING CRITICAL THINKING Critical thinking can be taught.The following information will assist Deakin academics to explore, create and re-imagine what teaching and assessing critical thinking skills means. Critical thinking can be applied in a variety of learning platforms such as reading, written work and discussions.The definition of critical thinking has slight variations, which can be found at the following website.During their studies, students will need to draw on critical thinking for assessments and to develop their learning.It is also necessary for students when making decisions around the choice of majors and electives or when selecting activities for skill and personal development.


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