Critical Thinking In Math Class

Critical Thinking In Math Class-82
In that old-fashioned setup, following rules and standards was the best way to become a successful A grade student. Teachers slowly started to recognize the huge importance of fostering creative thinking in the classroom.

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Once they solve the problem, they need to explain the logic of their solutions to the entire class.

It is a great way of both facilitating students’ creative thinking and practicing their argumentation.

When thinking about the word divergent, I’m sure you had negative connotations coming to your mind.

Now, let’s stop for a moment and see what the word divergent really means.

Turn your classroom into an open space of free thinkers and wonderers.

Allow your students to use new thinking tools, to tweak solution paths and facilitate new processes.Starting with our education, the system teaches us that doing things differently is wrong.Due to the system suppression, the ability to think divergently decreases drastically as we grow.In other words, creating something new, a new value.That being said, thinking differently than others is actually required if you want to come up with something different, something unique.I have listed few techniques that will help you out in boosting creative thinking in math classroom.Number talks are sessions where students present various solutions to math problems.They are not using pencil, pen, calculator or algorithm, but only their mental process often referred to as mental math.Students solve problems by breaking and decomposing numbers.So, basically, thinking divergently is a key to creativity. Set of skills we have now, might not be valid in few years.The ability to adapt to new conditions and situations is a crucial skill. Creativity is valued as the most important business skill, while creative thinking is one of the keys to economic prosperity in the 21st century.


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