Critical Thinking For High School Students

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Reflection involves slowing down to share what we learned.Critical thinking is a skill that can be developed through intentional planning.Does your pacing guide provide students with time to pause and reflect?For more resources on Accountable Talk, visit The Institute For Learning.Grant Wiggins and Jay Mc Tighe highlighted the importance of essential questions in their books on curriculum design.When students learn to answer essential questions, they will become more valuable to the workforce.What essential questions will be explored at your school this year?Classroom assignments should be designed with the end in mind.“In other words, if we want students to be able to apply their learning via autonomous performance, we need to design our curriculum backward from that goal” (Mc Tighe and Wiggins, 2012, p. Once teachers identify the learning target, they should design assignments and assessments that allow students to think critically and apply their understanding.If your pacing guide ends Unit 4 on a Friday and begins Unit 5 on a Monday, you may need to revise the pacing guide.Most of the students we teach will not enter the workforce and have the same job for 30 years.


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