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Albert Einstein If you talk with any group of nurse leaders, the challenge of promoting critical thinking with their nursing staff will inevitably enter the conversation as a key concern.

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Critical thinking in nursing makes a significant difference to the health care profession as a whole.

As the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates, nurses represent the largest health care occupation, holding over 2.75 million jobs.

To create clarity – Can you explain more about this situation? If our organization does not take action to decrease our financial costs, what will happen when reimbursements decline? To inspire reflection – Why do you think you were successful in that situation?

What is different about today’s healthcare environment that when you initially began your career? To encourage breakthrough thinking – Is there another way that we could do this?

With the focus today on evidence-based practice, nurse leaders need to promote a culture of critical thinking and inquiry.

A culture of inquiry begins by valuing the use of questions in one’s own leadership practice.

If you were redesigning care today with a blank slate, what type of delivery system would you develop? To challenge assumptions – What would happen if we fail to take action in view of what is happening with health reform?

Do you think that this type of care needs to be delivered in a hospital setting? To create ownership of solutions – Based on your nursing experience, what do you suggest that we do here?

Certainly, they provide medical care to patients, but more than that, they offer understanding, compassion and a chance for patients to talk through not just their physical reactions to treatment but their feelings about it. A recent article in John Hopkins University’s Nursing magazine, describes how a nurses’ relationships to patients proves vital to the field of health care research.

Who better to offer observations, analysis and a human perspective of treatment than nurses in the thick of helping patients get through their care physically and emotionally?


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