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After the ultrasound results were in, they produced some level of surety that the pregnant mother was caring a discordant foetus (quote).

Even though members in the team deemed this proof as evidential enough to start treatment, it was insisted that some more test be carried out.

But there seem to be a generalised consensus when a difference of 15 to 25 percent or more is recorded in the weights of the two babies (quote).

A similar case of discordant growth in twin pregnancy was recorded in the Messiah Hospital where the writer practices as a midwifery student.

It is for this peculiarity that the writer finds this experience worth sharing, especially to make known the steps that were taken both at a personalised level and those taken at the organisational level, including successes that were achieved and challenges that were faced.

Personal action taken At a personal level, there were two major forms of actions that were taken.Critical Incident Analysis: Definition, Models and Frameworks A critical incident analysis is defined as “an observable human activity that is sufficiently complete in itself to permit inferences and predictions to be made about the person performing the act” (Flannagan 1954, p 332).It is “snapshot, vignette, brief episode, a situation or encounter which is of interest” (Minghella & Benson, 1995, p. A critical incident may involve the patient, and /or the family and the nurse.He was dropped off in the emergency room by a building security guard after he apparently collapsed on the street.He did not have any wallet or identification with him, and when he regained consciousness a few minutes after admission, he was incoherent, and could not understand what was being asked of him.Although Jane was the patient I was caring for, this incident is related to her mother.In this assignment, no information will be utilized which could violate the healthcare informatics confidentiality issues, such as anonymity, confidentiality, and data protection.The event occurred as one of the reported 15 to 29% of twin pregnancies resulting in discordant foetal growth (quote) but what was peculiar in this case was that the percentage different in weight between the two foetuses was as large as 35%.The twins involved were an identical twin, sharing the same gene and having the same amniotic sac (quote).Whilst nursing her, I saw the condition of the inside of her mouth was extremely dehydrated.Her tongue looked like a bone-dry piece of leather and she had......


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