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Styles of thinking have, indeed, changed as particular situations—social, cultural, political, historical, institutional, and otherwise—have changed, and this is why, for example, we already have first-, second-, and third-wave feminist critique, and even post-feminist critique.

A first-ever anthology of critical essays on that represents scholarship influenced by postmodern thought—which is what we offer here—does, in fact, arrive somewhat belatedly to a set of discourses long in session in the American university and already famous for pronouncing their own enervation, but I would argue that it is precisely in its “after-ness” that scholarship of a certain postmodern bent is so timely, and even needed.

This is illustrated in the poet’s preference to concentrate on the exceptional exploits undertaken by Beowulf, typically the killing of brutal monsters.

Because of this deliberate omission, the reader grasps a very minimal understanding of Beowulf’s daily activity and the way he relates with his closest associates.

Additionally, he takes pride in his glorious actions that have earned him great fame throughout the poem.

The reader can easily recognize in the epic the great heroic values of a society, such as the commitment to honor the responsibilities of a leader, whilst at the same time disregarding the safety of his warriors in an effort to defeat a dangerous foe.On the one side is a heroic Beowulf who is very brave in battle and leads his people to victory.The hero aspect in Beowulf begins for the main character at a young age, when he boldly participates in defending his kingdom by fighting two ferocious monsters.Similarly, the reader is only able to get a substantially sketchy picture of what Beowulf’s true feelings are.The reason for this is because the purpose of the epic poem is to illustrate to its people the characteristics they are to emulate in their own lives.For instance, Beowulf allows Grendel to kill some of the warriors in an effort to surprise Grendel when he reaches for Beowulf.Beowulf also sets aside prudence when he pursues and fights with Grendel’s mother.However, considering that Beowulf’s heroism does not shield him from occurrences common to human beings, such as suffering, ageing, and death, it would have been better if the poet offered a picture of the human side of this apparently brave warrior, as well.Tips on critical essay writing: Some students find literature difficult to comprehend.Clearly, Beowulf focuses more on what is expected of a hero from his people than he does for personal safety or the safety of those who serve under him.This poem offers two perspectives of the key character.


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