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To cure this, he goes to nightly meetings of various support groups for serious ailments.For a while this seems to work, as he himself notes, ‘Every evening I died, and every evening I was born again, resurrected.” These early scenes clearly illustrate a man lost in the wilderness of modern society, one who has to co-opt other people’s real pain so he can feel something for himself. His attempts at relative normalcy are disrupted by two major events.You can view samples of our professional work here.

It offers very few clean thematic elements from which an easily digestible interpretation can be gleamed from.

What of it’s message then, and does its ambiguity undermine or emphasize this message?

The film’s narrator is a dead-eyed cog at a dead-end job for a car manufacturer.

He lives in a condo spare of personality and filled with IKEA furniture.

The first one involves meeting Marla Singer, another poser at group meetings who becomes the only major female presence in the film.

The second event is the first half’s most important one – the narrator meets the brash soap maker Tyler Durden.

He lives in a condo, and defines himself through his possessions. The cause, which is unknown to him at this time, is due to a split personality disorder.

His other personality takes over when he thinks that he is sleeping.

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