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Later in the novel, he refers to "we good Presbyterian Christians" (84).Carfeul mediation on these passages and others will lead one to the conclusion that Ishmael is being disingenuous when he refers to himself as a "good Christian.

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Ishmale twice states that, during the time of his sailing on the Pequod, he was a Christian.

Early in the novel he says quite plainly, I was a good Christian; born and bred in the bosom of the infallible Presbyterian Church" (57).

Their two children become caught up in their parents' failure to mend the marriage.

A mutual friend of the couple's comes along to do the driving, and distrust and a strained silence develop as this man and his wife seem to get closer.

He calls his stories collages, but the literary critic Granville Hicks described them as “controlled craziness.” They are exaggerated satires that allow glimpses into human life, but the incongruous dialogue and strange subject matter amuse at the same time that they appall. There are absurd elements and mutual incomprehensions that are ludicrous.

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“Margins” uses a form of parody that imitates life to a certain extent but distorts it until it becomes ridiculous.

Making use of the perspectival structure of the text, I aim to contrast Ishmael's unique religious perspective with these other implicit and explicit perspectives set forth in the text, and by this contrasting to ascertain a definite understanding of "Ishmael's religion." The voice of Christian orthodoxy speaks loudly in Moby-Dick.

Before one can consider this voice properly, however, one must understand that Ishrnael is not a Christian in any orthodox sense of the term.

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